Strategic Bibles Ministry

What We Do

The Strategic Bibles Ministry is following the commandment of Jesus by spreading the gospel in regions where people have never heard His name. We do this is two very strategic ways.

  1. We provide Bibles for Christians who have no way of gaining access to a Bible due to poverty or because of their country’s restrictive policy towards Christianity.
  2. We provide Bibles to indigenous partners evangelizing in regions where owning a Bible is illegal or not easily accessible. All Bibles for the purpose of witnessing are distributed strategically in ways that keep our partners safe and any future converts safe.

Read more about both of these methods below.

Watch as persecuted Christians in an undisclosed location receive their very first Bibles—and are overwhelmed with gratitude!

Who We Help

Imagine a world in which you can’t own a copy of God’s Word. That’s the reality that millions of poor and persecuted believers around the world live in today. For some, however, that’s changing. The Strategic Bibles Ministry works with Christians in the far corners of the world who, because of poverty or persecution, have been unable to obtain Bibles. The Strategic Bibles Ministry is working to get the Word of God into these Bible-starved believers through:

  • Distribution of Bibles to new converts
  • Bible translation projects
  • Distribution of Braille and audio Bibles
  • Electronic Bibles for believers in restricted nations

In many restricted nations, believers are praying for Bibles. The woman above prayed 10 years before she received her very own Bible. At Heaven's Family, we are praying that God will help us answer their prayers!

Supporting Evangelism in Restricted Nations

In many Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist nations printed Bibles are the best way for non-believers to evaluate the teachings of Jesus. We provide Bibles in native languages and strategically distribute them to people seeking to know more about the teachings of Christ.

Iranian men hearing the gospel and receiving God's Word—for the very first time!

How You Can Help

The Word of God is an inexpensive yet priceless gift that you can put into the hands of the body of Christ.

A gift of $4 can help provide an entire Bible printed in a local language or dialect

A gift of $32 can help translate 1 Scripture verse into a new language or dialect

A gift of $400 can help provide a crate of 100 Bibles in a local language to a group of believers

Or invest any amount to provide the Word of God for believers in poor or restricted nations


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