Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Unreached People Groups Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

Image of family in China that has been reached with the gospel
02 Sep

Under Surveillance

"I wonder if this quarantine facility is anything like the re-education camps so prevalent here," Seth Li though to himself. Seth, one of our team members, had traveled deep into Xinjiang Province before being quarantined because of COVID-19 protocols. "Maybe they will put me in a re-education camp, just as they have done to millions of Uighur people and Christians, when I get out of quarantine," he wondered.

Image of Salvacion before and after healing
03 May

No Longer Forgotten

Last September, Salvacion’s body suddenly became weak and she was unable to walk for two months. Because of her poverty, she could not visit a doctor. Add to that her lack of nutritious food, decent shelter, clean water, and adequate sanitation, and her condition only worsened. But she desperately cried to God for healing. Despite her illness, our local partner visited Salvacion every week without fail, and she continued to participate in a small-group discovery Bible study. A food package from Heaven’s Family kept her frail body nourished physically.

Picture of Refugees in Myanmar
22 Mar

Daring Work in Myanmar

Myanmar has been a place of danger since the military coup of February 2021. Reportedly, the military has even dropped bombs on some innocent villages. Several hundred deaths have been reported, and many villagers are living in the woods because it is not safe to remain in their homes. Our inside sources say the death toll is much higher than what news reports estimate.

Picture of house church who received urgent COVID relief
12 May

Legacy Impact

Marlyn lived most of her life in a garbage dump community. Many who live there pick through the trash to find anything that can be recycled. Marlyn was a leader of a church plant in her community. When Marlyn lost her life to COVID-19, her church began to dwindle in numbers due to discouragement. With only four people left, the congregation began contemplating shutting the church down.

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