Stories & Testimonies

Stories & Testimonies

Below are just a few of the many testimonies we receive about lives being impacted and transformed by the Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

28 Jul

Talking Toilets

Talking about using the toilet may not be a common topic for most people. But for 71-year-old Namuga, it was a matter of great significance. When she received a donation from Heaven’s Family’s Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry to build a new pit latrine, it not only saved her from potential arrest by local health officials, but it also rescued her from the cultural stigma associated with her old, dilapidated bathroom.

Image of widows and abandoned women in Kenya
15 Aug

Sewing the Seeds of Success

From providing vocational education to small business grants, your investments have really paid off! During the three weeks I spent in Africa, I stayed primarily with Dave and Cynthia Taylor, who have a deep desire to disciple everyone whom God sends their way. One such person was Wangui (pictured above). Several years ago, Cynthia taught Wangui (then a single mother of two young girls) to sew after they hired her to help with housework and cooking. Since 2019, Wangui has passed her excellent sewing skills on to widows and abandoned mothers who have a desire to know God and to become self-sufficient. She keeps her classes small so that each lady receives suitable attention, both instructionally and personally. I was thrilled to attend a graduation ceremony where four students each received their own machine as a graduation present.

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