Ministry on Wheels

Picture of mobile missionary in Africa on motorcycle
Mobile ministry: Cleophas loads up everything he needs to “do church” at a remote village in Kenya

Ministry on Wheels

Nothing stops our national missionaries from their [God-] appointed rounds!

Dear Family,

I’m pretty sure the “Return to Jesus” sign on the motorcycle above is meant to be a witness—and not an indication of where the rider will soon be headed with that massive load! Such sights are quite familiar in Kenya, as well as in just about every developing country in the world these days. Small, inexpensive motorcycles haul everything you can imagine in such places, empowering small businesses—and the spread of the gospel.

Cleophas is on his way to Pokot, just one of dozens of places in rural Kenya where he’s planted a church. There is nothing he loves more than telling people about our Savior Jesus Christ! Every month, Cleophas and his team load up his poor motorcycle and hold crusades in villages throughout rural Kenya. People gather by the hundreds to listen to the gospel message, which is why he often has to transport his sound system so he can be heard by many.

Picture of Cleopahs holding a revival meeting in Kenya

The picture above reminds me of an e-teaching my father wrote entitled “It’s time to try pond #2.” You can read it for yourself here, but the synopsis is that if the fish aren’t biting in the first pond, then move to another pond where the fish are biting (such as Kenya—sub-Saharan Africa is currently very receptive to the gospel, and the Church there is among the fastest-growing). I’m so thankful Heaven’s Family is enabling evangelists like Cleophas—who live right next to “pond #2” places in the world—to win many souls to Christ!

Thank you so much for partnering with them as well!


Elisabeth Walker
Director of the National Missionary Ministry

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