Miraculous Movements

Our team during a training session. The women in this photo are former prostitutes who are now making disciples!

Miraculous Movements

How God is pulling out all the stops to build His church

Dear Friends,

One of the greatest privileges I’ve had ministering in China these last 20 years is seeing the fruit of the largest church planting movement in history. The House Church Movement in China was birthed in prayer, tested by persecution, multiplied by healing and deliverance, and propagated by simple house church models focused on simple obedience to Jesus as an expression of their love for Him.

Right now God is moving throughout the world, intent on reaching the unreached from every tongue, tribe and nation. He’s even appearing to Muslims in dreams and visions. Our partners in the Middle East estimate that 25% of Muslims who come to faith have had an encounter with Jesus in a dream or vision!

In his book Miraculous Movements, Jerry Trousdale documents how God is reaching hundreds of thousands of Muslims through dreams, visions, healing and deliverance, and how those experiences, coupled with “discovery” Bible study groups, lead to disciple-making movements. These movements emphasize studying the Bible and immediately putting it into practice. Obedience to the Word of God catapults growth, leading to new churches that meet in homes, businesses, fields, and even under trees!

None of this would be possible, of course, without prayer—a worldwide effort of praying and fasting, sometimes all night—for God to move mightily. The answer to those prayers has been nothing short of miraculous.

This is why it’s so important that you pray for the Unreached People Groups Ministry and all that we are doing to reach unreached peoples.

Part of our strategic outreach is the translation of Bible stories into local dialects that can be shared by word of mouth, helping the many illiterate to know and obey Jesus through scriptures they can hear and memorize. Bible storying has been key in the explosive growth of several miraculous movements.

This is also why we are investing in training leaders about disciple-making movements—often in secret. Two of our leaders, Timothy Yang and Caleb Jing, were recently trained. Both praised its simplicity and reproducibility. They are already using these principles to make disciples.

I’m leaving for China today, March 14th. From there I go to the Middle East to follow up on a gospel story recording project. Please pray for my trip. Pray our Bible story audio recordings will be distributed far and wide. Pray for God to lead our team to the right people. Pray that we’d be able to break through any obstacles we encounter.

Your gifts and prayers to the Unreached People Groups Ministry are making this work possible—they are greatly appreciated!

Many Blessings,

Todd Matthews
Director, Unreached People Groups Ministry

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