Mobilizing Mercy

18 Sep

Our Leprosy Ministry partners: from left, Johnson (Prasanna’s husband), Abigail (Sarah’s 2-year old), Sarah and her husband, Abraham (who will be driving their new vehicle as mother and daughter make their lengthy rounds to dress wounds)

Dear Friends,

I have received a wonderful expression of gratitude from Prasanna and her daughter, Sarah, who serve the leprosy communities in Hyderabad, India, as wound-care nurses. They recently purchased a vehicle with help from Heaven’s Family that will help them make more house calls!

Sarah writes:

Thank you so much for all your help and support. I never forget your precious help—I am always thanking God for this. And please convey our heartfull thanks to all the donors who have supported us to have the car, and specially you sister.

Now they will no longer have to endure riding in the back of a pickup truck along bumpy, dusty back roads, nor squeezed onto crowded buses and trains in sweltering heat (as much as 120 degrees) as they travel up to 1,000 miles twice each month to visit 17 leprosy colonies in and around Hyderabad.

This mother-daughter team tend to wounds so alarming that very few have the stomach to even come close to these patients, much less nurse them. Because Prasanna’s parents were afflicted with leprosy much of their lives—before it claimed them in death—she learned early on how to care for them, and later taught her daughter the same skills.

Now these angels of mercy and perseverance are in high demand all over the city and surrounding areas—a challenge to which they will now be able to more easily rise, thanks to the mobility made possible by our generous Leprosy Ministry Fund supporters.

So happy to be your “love-link” to serve these precious saints of God,

Carole J. Collins
Director, Leprosy Ministry Fund

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