Mobilizing Missionaries

29 Mar

Mobilizing Missionaries

Nepali missionary Timothy Rai standing beside a Buddhist shrine located behind his missionary training center

Mobilizing Missionaries

Equipping evangelists in Cuba, Kenya and Nepal to go further

Dear Friends,

Walking can only get you so far so fast. In many places around the world, missionaries are doing their best to reach distant villages and communities with the gospel by walking, riding worn-out bikes, or hiring costly taxis. But for many, a rugged bicycle or motorbike would greatly multiply their efforts to reach many more people with the gospel, having more time to spend on disciple-making and less time, energy and money spent on traveling.

This month, our Compassion Club investments (I’m an investor, too), will be going to speed the gospel down dusty pathways in Cuba, through hard-to-navigate desert regions of Kenya, and up mountainous terrains in remote Nepal. We’ll be equipping a team of missionaries in Kenya with a durable motorbike with specialized dirt tires to reach villages scattered throughout the Maasai Mara region; equipping determined evangelists in Nepal with a rugged motorcycle to reach Buddhist villages hidden within the vast Himalayas; and equipping 12 dedicated disciple-makers in Cuba each with his/her own sturdy bicycle to reach more villages and communities throughout their communist island nation.

A Cuban evangelist with one of his most valued and used tools: his workhorse bicycle

Each month, your Compassion Club investments are enabling Jesus’ kingdom to be advanced all over the globe.

Thank you for being a member,

David Servant
Director, Heaven’s Family

Recruiting some help

I’ve asked Heaven’s Family staff member Jody Walker to start sending out these bi-monthly updates and communicating with you on behalf of the Compassion Club. Jody’s been with us for over 6 years, and I think you’ll really enjoy hearing from him. I’ll still be personally approving each month’s project that your Compassion Club investment assists.

Updates from past Compassion Club projects

As promised, below are two updates from past projects that investments to the Compassion Club have helped accomplish. You’ll notice that sometimes it takes months to get an update back to you. Some projects require more time, depending on the location and nature of the need.

March 2016’s investment to provide 5,000+ Bibles for believers in Sagaing State, Myanmar (some of whom have prayed over 9 years for a Bible!)

September 2015’s investment to save a Ugandan girl’s life who suffered from a hole in her heart

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