More Flooding in Pakistan

03 Oct

Dear Friends,

Two years ago I traveled to Pakistan to deliver much-needed help to our brothers and sisters in Christ after the worst flooding in recorded history washed away homes and crops, killing thousands of people and livestock and leaving many more homeless.

Sadly, flooding has struck again this year. Although the disaster has been on a smaller scale and is getting less press coverage, hundreds have died—and many Christians there are in need. Already ostracized and persecuted by the Muslim majority, they now have to endure hardship and suffering to an even greater degree.

With your help Heaven’s Family is going to help. Through gifts to our Disaster Relief Fund, we plan to purchase emergency kits through one of our trusted partners there. These kits will include 50 pounds of flour, 25 pounds of rice, 12 pounds of sugar, 2 gallons of vegetable oil, and various amounts of tea, milk powder, soap, detergent powder, mosquito repellent, and basic first-aid medicine. These kits will last an average family about a month, giving victims a chance to rebuild their lives without worrying about where their next meal will come from.

This is another opportunity for us to show our love for Jesus by caring for the “least of these.” Please consider encouraging our downtrodden spiritual family in Pakistan by providing one or more emergency kits for just $35 each—that’s feeding a whole family for slightly more than $1 a day!

Thank you so much,

Jeff Trotter
Director, Disaster Relief Fund

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