More Persecution in India

Pastor Rajenda beginning to rebuild his home with rubble that remained from the one that his persecutors destroyed

Dear Friends,

In recent months there have been a rash of new violent attacks against Christians and their property in Karnataka State in India. Through Heaven’s Family’s Persecuted Christians Fund, we’ve assisted many who suffered under those attacks, and we’ve helped them begin the process of rebuilding their homes and churches. Below is a report that our ministry partner recently sent to me about how these brave saints are faring:

Pastor Rajendra…is focused on tribal people, and he is planting churches among his own [tribe, the] Soligas, as well as the Jenukurubas and Kadukurubas peoples.

Last February, the Hindu fundamentalist groups attacked his church and house, razing them to the ground. They shaved his head and forced him to wear saffron clothes [to humiliate him]. He was then arrested by the police on false charges and spent a week in jail. Now he is struggling to rebuild his house and the church as well.

[Pastor] Rajendra and his wife Rani have two daughters. Please pray for them.

Another pastor, named Mallesh, is serving the Lord and His church in Sante Maralli, Karnataka.

The Hindu fundamentalists attacked him in July last year. He was beaten up so badly with clubs that his hand was fractured. He was hospitalized but no case was filed against the perpetrators.

While recovering, Mallesh kept praying for those who attacked him. They came to him two months later, confessing their wrongdoing and wanting to accept Christ as their Savior. They are now attending his church. Praised be the Lord.

Mallesh lives with his wife Geetha and their only daughter Blessy.

Pastor Mallesh shortly after he was attacked

Please pray for our suffering brothers and their families. If you’d like to help meet their pressing needs through our Persecuted Christians Fund, please click the “donate” button below.

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Carole J. Collins
Director, Persecuted Christians Fund

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