Mushrooming Profits

26 Feb

Mushrooming Profits

Picture of microloan ministry borrower with family in communist nation
Thong Sai with his family

Mushrooming Profits

How your investment in lives is bearing fruit in restricted nations

Dear Family,

This week I’m with Thong Sai, a young believer from a communist country in Asia who has a wife and 5 children to support. His future looked bright not long ago, when he worked in the concrete business with the help of his uncle, who had invested a large sum of money to help him. But then his company collapsed! Thong Sai lost everything, and his uncle broke off all contact with him.

During that time of hardship and depression, Thong Sai met Keo, a micro-banker working with Heaven’s Family’s Microloan Ministry. Over the next several months Keo discipled Thong Sai, helping him to grow in his faith and reminding him of the hope he had in Jesus. He also introduced Thong Sai to the possibility of a microloan to help him start a business growing and selling mushrooms.

These mushrooms are grown indoors in loaves of sawdust. Thong Sai used his initial loan to build shelves and make 2,000 loaves. He also got involved in a local God’s Love Group with other borrowers, where he receives encouragement, exchanges business ideas, and grows in his faith.

Today his mushrooms are thriving, and he’s able to sell a harvest twice per month. The shops in the city cannot get enough of his quality product!

Picture of micro-banker with borrower by mushroom farm
Micro-banker Keo, at left, and Thong Sai inside the building that holds his thriving mushroom farm

Thong Sai is extremely thankful for the financial help of the loan, but the encouragement he has received through his God’s Love Group has also changed his life! “It helps me be more hungry for the Bible. I am happy we can openly share about our problems and pray for each other.”

The Lord has brought restoration to Thong Sai’s relationships as well! His uncle has seen his hard work and success in the mushroom business, and they have reconciled. He is helping Thong Sai to build a larger building that will hold 30,000 mushroom loaves, and now his business and profits are expanding.

And here’s another important “harvest” coming from Thong Sai’s business: he’s using his “mushrooming” profits to help the needy in his church.

Your prayers and giving through the Microloan Ministry have enabled Thong Sai to get back on his feet financially, and spurred the process of the Lord’s redemptive work in his life and relationships. Thank you!

God’s richest blessings,

Picture of the director of the microloan ministry

Steve Sifa
Director, Microloan Ministry


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