Myanmar Trip Report – Photo Memories

22 Nov

Myanmar Trip Report – Photo Memories

Dear Friends,

After my last blog post from Myanmar, we found it very difficult to send photos via the internet. Thus the reason for this belated blog (I’m now home).

Our final nine days in Myanmar were split between two cities where Heaven’s Family supports 40 orphanages by means of child sponsorships through our Orphan’s Tear division. While several of our team members hosted two-day conferences on foster care and micro-banking for all our orphanage directors in both cities, the rest of the team spent their days visiting their orphanages and interacting with the children. Those children never tired of playing Hot Potato and Duck, Duck, Goose.

On one special day, we journeyed by jeep and motor scooters to two remote and primitive mountain villages—consisting mostly of believers—where Heaven’s Family has been working. In both villages, the people used to hike for miles to fetch their drinking water. Now they enjoy multiple public water faucets made possible by a lot of hard work by the villagers, plus PVC pipe and concrete provided through our Village Development Fund. During our visit at one of those villages, I had a lot of fun introducing something the villagers had never seen—a frisbee.

Thanks for your prayers while we were away. Below are some photos I thought you’d enjoy. I’m returning to Myanmar for two weeks in December to bring relief to Kachin refugees who have had to flee from fighting in their region, as well as to spend one-on-one time with all our orphanage directors. I’ll appreciate your prayers from December 5-19.

In Christ,


One of the sincere worshippers at Hallelujah Children’s Home

Duck, Duck, Goose at Grace Orphanage in Kalaymyo

Team member Sittinan Liankatawa being crushed in an arm wrestling contest at the Handicapped Care Center. Heaven’s Family U.K. director, Philip Barker, in the background, capturing the defeat digitally.

On the way to the villages: A large ditch in the road required a makeshift bridge for our jeep to pass

Asking this couple for a mild public display of affection for their portrait caused quite a stir in Mawl Zaul village

HF Staff Member David Warnock showing some of the Zautal villagers photos of Pennsylvania snow on his laptop

At one of the ten new public water faucets in their village

Sampling a tiny red chile that was being dried in the sun at Zatual village

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