The Name She Never Heard

06 Feb

The Name She Never Heard

Picture of Syrian refugee
In learning of Jesus, Shaiema found the love, acceptance and peace which she had always desired. She is not willing to give up or deny her new-found faith!

The Name She Never Heard

You are bringing hope to the darkest places!

Dear Family,

I want you to know that you are helping the Refugee Ministry to bring the gospel to people who have never heard the name of Jesus—and it fills my heart with joy!! I pray the following story warms your heart and fills YOU with joy (names are changed for protection).

ISIS had invaded the small village in Syria where Shaiema and her family called home. With almost nothing but the clothing on their backs, they fled to a community where the Refugee Ministry is working. For the past four-and-half years, we have been partnering with a church whose pastor and congregation have been assisting internally displaced persons (IDPs) in their area and are sharing the Gospel with them. This church has gained a favorable reputation in the community, as a place where families and individuals can find assistance and hope. Shaiema and her family sought out this church looking for help.

Seeking to keep Christ at the center, individuals approved to receive a food parcel must come for orientation before the distribution. The pastor then shares a short sermon on who Jesus Christ is and why He came to this earth.

When Shaiema heard this teaching, she enjoyed it so much she decided to begin attending the church’s regular services. She started reading the Bible and praying in Jesus’ name. Soon after, Shaiema chose to follow Christ and excitedly shared with her family all that she had learned. She wanted them to experience the same joy! But there was to be no rejoicing, her brother was infuriated by her conversion and demanded that she never return to the church except to get food. He even went to the church in person and demanded that they no longer welcome Shaiema to their services anymore.

Out of fear that her family would put their anger into action, Shaiema decided to stop attending the services. She assured the pastor that even if she could not participate in the services, she would remain a firm believer in Jesus Christ and always follow Him.

Through a mere food parcel that you helped provide, a young Muslim woman heard the name of Jesus and called upon Him to be saved. Shaiema represents only one soul out of many who have been helped, and the many more who are yet to come. What an amazing opportunity the Lord has given to us! Please pray that Shaiema will remain steadfast in her faith, and continue to be a testimony to win her family to Jesus.

May the Lamb of God be glorified,

Picture of the Director of the Refugee Ministry

Director, Refugee Ministry

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