The Name to Be Feared

Picture of missionary giving tract and New Testament

Missionary Timothy Rai giving Tamang a gospel tract and New Testament

The Name to Be Feared

A man who once beat others is now blessing them

Dear Family,

“Tamang.” Mere mention of that name brought fear to many, including the man’s own mother, whom he would often beat violently.

But Tamang feared the sound of another name—Timothy Rai. Timothy is a missionary in his native Nepal who is supported monthly by the National Missionary Ministry. What Tamang didn’t know is that a demonic spirit was controlling him, and that spirit trembled at the name of Jesus Christ, the One Timothy wanted to tell Tamang about. And every time the missionary would show up at his house, Tamang would run away in fear.

From his experience Timothy could tell Tamang had a demonic spirit, and never gave up praying for him or trying to visit him. After two years of persistent prayer, Tamang was finally delivered from that spirit—and the anger that controlled him—and received Jesus with great joy! He no longer beats his elderly mother, but now has a job and is providing for her!

I love the above photo because the joy on Tamang’s face is so evident. It’s just another proof of the incredible joy and change Jesus can give!

On behalf of J,

Elisabeth Walker
Interim Ministry Director

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