Nepal Earthquake Update

23 Jun

Beautiful Nepali children who live in the mountains and, because of the earthquake, in the tents behind them

Nepal Earthquake Update

How your compassion is continuing to help in Nepal

Dear Friends,

Several weeks have passed since the devastating 7.9-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, and I have some exciting updates about what Heaven’s Family—with your help—has accomplished since. You may recall that I arrived in Kathmandu, the capital city, one week after the quake, and traveled with our trusted partners to many areas to provide emergency food and medicine. I also assessed needs and developed strategic plans for helping in the crucial weeks following.

Richard Welch, a friend who’s usually delivering safe water systems to Uganda, assembled a team to meet urgent needs for drinkable water in Nepal. They took Sawyer water filters into some extreme, remote locations with the help of the Disaster Relief Fund. Richard’s team also brought our filters to many other locations, including our foster-care partners in Kathmandu who have connections with many churches that have been helped.

Cut off from the outside world by landslides, safe water has been brought to remote villages like this one, thanks to a helicopter provided through Mission Aviation Fellowship

At left, Richard Welch (center), our partner from Ugandan Water Project, met with Heaven’s Family foster parents Trilok and Deepa to distribute Sawyer water filters to churches in their network; at right, more receive filters and the training they need to use them most effectively

And through our Nepalese missionaries, supported through the National Missionary Fund, we distributed 150 tents, 300 blankets and a few dozen solar-powered lamps that arrived from India. They also used Disaster Relief Funds to purchase local roofing sheets to help protect our brothers and sisters in Christ during the onset of the monsoon season this month.

Tarps, tents, blankets and other supplies arrived through our partners via neighboring India and China

Above and below, sheets of corrugated metal were purchased locally to provide durable shelters to withstand the monsoon season now arriving in Nepal (I think the company who makes the sheets should hire the woman at right for their advertising posters!)

Not pictured are the distributions of tarps and other emergency supplies through Heaven’s Family staff member Todd Matthews, who coordinated with his partners in China to carry the supplies in over a difficult route, avoiding weeks of border customs delays.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how your compassion is helping restore lives in Nepal. In the months ahead I’ll be looking to return for a followup visit. Together with my wife, Karin, who co-directs the Human Trafficking/Slavery Fund, we’ll also be investigating ways to help protect men, women and children—made more vulnerable by the earthquake—from sex and labor traffickers.

On behalf of the many Nepalese who have been helped by you, thanks so much for coming to their rescue at such a crucial time. Additional assistance will be needed in the months ahead, and if you’d like to help again please click the button below.

Because of Him,

Jeff Trotter
Director, Disaster Relief Fund


I have to pass on these wonderful photos Richard Welch and his team took.

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