Nepal Quake Update

One of the 150 Nepalese families who received a tent and other supplies, thanks to Heaven’s Family

Nepal Quake Update

Providing Hope and a Future for a Wounded People

Dear Friends,

During our response to the devastating earthquake in Nepal last April, I was very excited to see how God directed us to link arms with other organizations to improve our impact in that hurting country. In all, your donations have enabled us to join collaboratively with more than 30 organizations that are all working to build the kingdom of God in Nepal!

In the first couple of months following the earthquake, the Disaster Relief Fund provided emergency supplies of food, medicine and shelter to many villages—most of which were completely destroyed.

Some of the families who received a sturdy shelter to replace homes that were demolished by the earthquake—one of the many projects Heaven’s Family helped to facilitate

At left, one village combined 3 shelters (funded by our partner) to provide a building that serves as a church, a communal home for several families, and a community center; at right, in one location, 14 new believers requested baptism after receiving shelters from Christian families in their community

Looking Forward…

Since then, we’ve begun switching gears a little, looking to the future of Nepal.

One way we’re doing that is by helping to provide disaster preparedness and response for future quakes, because the spring quakes (there were officially 2, 17 days apart) only relieved a small amount of pressure on the fault lines. There is still a very real threat of a larger earthquake. Those trained will become trainers who will soon go into villages throughout the country. This is a wonderful opportunity for discipleship and life mentoring.

We’re also helping to launch a business development initiative that will empower local Christian leaders to use business as a ministry tool. This will enable pastors to help rebuild the nation’s wounded economy, and at the same time earn them greater acceptance and respect—and thus an audience for the gospel—in a nation that is predominantly Buddhist and Hindu.

This disaster has also shined a light on the entrenched problem of human trafficking in Nepal, made worse by the chaos created by the earthquake. As co-directors of the Human Trafficking/Slavery Fund, my wife Karin and I are working on ways to get involved in the battle against that evil there. I hope you’ll consider partnering with us in that effort.

We couldn’t be doing these things without you! Your gifts have enabled us to provide these training opportunities that will empower local ministry leaders with proven tools for ministry, church planting and discipleship. Thank you so much for your partnership in helping the people of Nepal!

Because of Him,

Jeff Trotter
Director, Disaster Relief Fund

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