New Beginnings

My brand new son, Christopher

New Beginnings

A not-so-new face takes the reins

Dear Friends,

His pitiful cry came as sheer joy after 14 exhausting hours of labor and 9 months of waiting! My wife and I teared up as we saw our son for the first time!

As you may know, Elisabeth Walker has stepped down as the director of Orphan’s Tear so she can spend more time being a mom. In August I, her older brother, became the new director, and a month before that I became a new dad.

I just have to say my son is the cutest and most adorable baby in the whole world. His smiles make the whole world seem happier, and my favorite sound is his unintelligible talking and cooing. He’s not very talented yet, but the first time he rolled over you would have thought—based on the reaction from me and my wife—he had just won an Olympic gold medal. I couldn’t be more proud!

Becoming a Dad has given me a deeper appreciation for God’s amazing plan for children. What better to give helpless children than parents who adore them despite all their weaknesses?

But in this world millions of children—because of death, poverty, disaster or abuse—don’t have loving parents or families. For this reason I’m grateful that I can, as director of Orphan’s Tear, help such children receive the loving family God always intended for them. Thank you for being a part of this!

I joined Heaven’s Family out of high school in 2005, and was the second person to be on staff—so I go way back! One of my first tasks was assisting in the creation and organization of Orphan’s Tear’s sponsorship program, and over the past 10 years I’ve traveled to most of the places Orphan’s Tear works—including Myanmar, a country I’ve been to so many times that I married the daughter of a pastor with whom we have worked. So although I’m the new director, I’m not new to Orphan’s Tear!

Christopher with his mom, Daisy, and me

Orphan’s Tear has accomplished so much over the years, thanks to your partnership. That’s why I’m really excited for what God has in store for us to accomplish together in the years ahead!


Stephen Servant
Director, Orphan’s Tear


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  • David Lee

    Congratulations!! May I say, you have a most beautiful wife and a gorgeous baby to boot. How blessed can any man get.

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