New Life, New Clothes

Rebecca before and after receiving her new uniform

New Life, New Clothes

Rebuilding lives in Kenya, one uniform at a time

Dear Friends,

Rebecca’s smile said it all, but then she added these precious words: “I feel blessed…God has given me a new uniform. I feel loved and taken care of. I actually look new!”

It wasn’t long ago that Rebecca was languishing in a slum that defies description, suffering abuse and neglect. After her condition was discovered, Rebecca was brought to Cindi’s Hope, a shelter for girls who have been severely neglected and abused, often sexually. Cindi’s Hope is not only a place of refuge and safety for these children—an oasis in the midst of the dark and dangerous city slums of Nairobi, Kenya—but also a place where lives are transformed with the love of Jesus expressed through caring staff members as they nurture and value them.

In addition to the quiet transformation taking place in Rebecca’s mind and heart, restoring her into the person God created her to be, she has recently undergone a transformation in her attire—a new school uniform, thanks to contributions of love to the Victims of Sexual Violence Fund. Unlike schools in the West, where uniforms are often looked upon with disdain, students in the developing world wear them proudly, and for Rebecca, wearing hers makes her feel more loved and accepted as a student at Hope Academy, a ministry of Cindi’s Hope.

Rebecca also reported how much she appreciates her new socks and sweater, especially during the cool nights this time of year, and loves her new dress, too. She is very grateful to those who provided these blessings to her.

All the necessary ingredients are provided for the girls at Cindi’s Hope to blossom, and that’s just what they are doing. Thank you so very much to all the generous individuals who are helping Rebecca and other girls start new lives full of hope—no longer as victims, but as victors in Christ!

Together with Him,

Carole Collins
Director, Victims of Sexual Violence Fund

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