New Missionaries in Malawi

27 Aug

New Bible School graduates in Malawi, holding Bibles provided by Heaven’s Family, as they dedicate themselves to taking the Word to their villages

Dear Friends,

Smiles are plentiful as a new graduating class finishes their Bible training at King Fisher Bible Training Center in Malalwi! Charles Mithowe, the director, reports that this graduating class brings the number of new workers sent out to the harvest to be over 400! (For more information, see my article in our December 2011 magazine, titled Fishing for the King)

These new missionaries are using Bibles provided by Heaven’s Family’s Bibles For Believers Fund. Many are too poor to afford their own Bible. As a result of their ministries, many are being saved in remote areas, and new house churches are being planted. Most new believers are also unable to afford their own Bibles.

Now King Fisher Bible Training Center is ready to train a new class of young men and women to spread the gospel of Christ. Bibles in their language of Chichewa are needed for the new students and for new believers in the young house churches. Please pray for those who are just starting their training and for the graduates now out on the mission field.

In His service,

Patti Samuels
Director, Bibles for Believers Fund

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