Picture of Dossie Briggs, the new director of the Widows & Abandoned Women's Ministry
Me with one of the many beautiful women of Kenya

A New Start

Beginning a new adventure in serving

Dear Family,

Hello! My name is Dossie Briggs and I am very excited and honored to be joining you in our common passion to share the gospel and care for widows and abandoned women in developing countries.

Recently, my youngest daughter and I had the opportunity to visit Nakuru, Kenya for three months with missionary friends of mine. We experienced first-hand the struggles and needs these women face. Although, the US has poor people, Kenya is poverty stricken. It made me (and my daughter) feel very grateful for having been born in a country that has so much abundance and opportunity.

I have always been interested in helping those who are less fortunate. I volunteered at a women and children’s shelter for several years, where I witnessed first-hand the epidemic of single moms who end up homeless in our own country. Thankfully, the social programs available in America are numerous (Social Security, food stamps and cash assistance to name a few) and there is much help available to those who find themselves in these situations.

Picture of Dossie with women in Kenya
At left, me visiting the church in Longai, Kenya (Heaven’s Family actually provided a cow for one of the families here); at right, me with the ladies of Stonehouse Ministries churches, Nakuru, Kenya (the basins were used to wash one another’s feet)

In Kenya (and most of the developing countries of the world), however, social programs do not exist. I spoke with many women there who, abandoned by their husband or widowed, are left to completely support themselves and their children with no hope of advancement in life. Jobs are hard to come by and schooling for their children is not free. And, widows often take care of family members when they can’t even afford to feed themselves. Their most basic needs go unmet—let alone medical necessities. During my stay, a woman I had met in the community we lived in died from an asthma attack one morning—something that would have been easily avoided in a developed nation such as the US.

Together, we can offer hope—and a new start—to our needy sisters and their children around the world. It is my joy to be able to join with you in this sacred adventure of serving.

I’d love to hear from you! Drop me an email sometime and introduce yourself.

Much Love in Christ,

Dossie Briggs
Director, Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry

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