News from Our Three Sri Lankan Orphanages

03 Aug

News from Our Three Sri Lankan Orphanages

Aathmajothi Sulaxana from Eastern Children’s Home in Sri Lanka

Thirolohum Silosini from Eastern Children’s Home in Sri Lanka

Dear Friends,

Due to the civil war in northeastern Sri Lanka, it has been very difficult for our partners there to take updated photos of many of the orphans whom we support each month. However, it looks like the war is now over, and we’ve begun to receive some beautiful photos of our children. Four of those photos are included in this update. Our hope is that within a month we’ll have updated photos of every one of our Sri Lankan orphans. When that happens, they will be posted at the Orphan’s Tear website, and if you sponsor a child in Sri Lanka, you will be able to see how your child has grown. If we have your email address, we’ll notify you when your child’s photo is ready to view.

Nagendiran Kunasiya from Eastern Children’s Home in Sri Lanka

A Few Changes with the Orphan’s Tear Update

Beginning next month, we’re making a few small changes in how we administrate Orphan’s Tear. One small change is that we will no longer be sending out a monthly Orphan’s Tear Update on the 20th of the month. Rather, we’ll be sending out periodic mini-updates as we are now doing with the various restricted funds of Heaven’s Family. There are six restricted funds under our Orphan’s Tear division: the Special Gifts Fund, the Dorms for Orphanages Fund, the Child Sponsorship Fund, the Education Fund, the Rice Fields for Orphanages Fund, and once a year, the Christmas Gifts Fund. In every case, 100% of what you give to any of the funds is sent overseas to be used for its restricted purpose.

If you have given to any of the six restricted funds of Orphan’s Tear, a dedicated Heaven’s Family staff member will be keeping you updated with periodic good reports. Our goal is to keep you as informed as you want to be.

Another change is that we will be including more about our Orphan’s Tear division in the monthly Heaven’s Family magazine.

Please Pray for Our Orphans in Myanmar

Thirulohom Dharshika from Eastern Children’s Home in Sri Lanka

Myanmar, where most of our sponsored orphans live, is in the midst of its rainy season, which means more sickness than usual. This year the situation is even more serious because of reported cases of swine flu. Every day we receive emails from the orphanage directors asking us to pray for the children. Many are in the clinic or hospital with malaria and dysentery. We are receiving reports of children getting better and leaving the clinic, too. Please keep the orphans in Myanmar in your prayers.

As always, our thanks to you. Over 1,000 orphans in eight impoverished countries are being sustained because of your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. May He help us to walk worthy of our calling!

For the Children,


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