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21 Jun

It’s not only encouraging to hear how you are making a difference in the life of an orphan, but also how our orphans are making a difference in their community! We recently received the following email from the director of Emmanuel Childcare Center in Myanmar:

We are helping work to the government. We cleaned the government school and help them how much we can do. We are not telling good news only by word but also through action. So that we can give testimonies by our action. They are also wonder us for what we do for them.

Gardening at New Heritage Orphanage

If they’ve got room, they garden. New Heritage Orphanage just sent us this photo of their kids holding their new crop of sugar cane.

No property at an orphanage is left unused; every inch is used to grow food. The kids help take care of the plants every day as part of their chores. After working so hard to raise their own food, you can be certain that they eat their vegetables!

Weaving at Faith Orphanage

Weaving during the summer school break

I want to share the following email that we received from the director of Faith Orphanage in Myanmar:

Under the good care of our Lord all the children at Faith Children Home are doing fine with good health throughout the whole summer. Now their vacation is over and it’s time for going back to the school for the new semester. They all are very excited.

We the parent are very thankful for all of our children being very helpful for every campus activity during their vacation. Especially Nun Nei Awi (Neih Te) and Ester who initiative for our project (weaving project). They are very skillful now. These two daughter are a very good example for other children.

Now Myanmar is very hot. We need more rain without cyclone. And the worse season in Myanmar is rainy season. Especially June, July, August and September. There is so many sickness during this months. So we scare for the children and also even for adult. Please pray for all of us for God protection from all kinds sickness.

Please always pray for us. We always covet your prayers. To confess the truth we sometimes are weary that you will be tired to pray for us. Thank you so much for all your prayers and helps. May the Lord bless you all in every area of your life. Thank you so much.

This is good encouragement to keep praying for the child you sponsor. They really covet our prayers!

Buggy at Shalom Children’s Home

Boys playing with bugs at Shalom Children’s Home

We received this photo from the director of Shalom Children’s Home in Myanmar. He said these insects come inside at night. Boys being boys… and nothing can “bug” them!

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Thanks so Much!

As always, thanks to every orphan sponsor, and to everyone who has given to Orphan’s Tear! Your gifts are making a difference in the lives of orphans, and we are eternally grateful.

For the children,

Charity McDaniel

Our goal is to serve you as you serve “the least of these” among Christ’s family. If you would like to contribute again to any of the Orphan’s Tear funds, we want to make it easy for you, either through credit card or automatic bank withdrawal. Just click on the appropriate link here: Sponsor a Child, Orphan’s Tear Special Gifts Fund, Christmas Gifts for Orphans Fund, Education Fund, Foster Care Initiative Fund, or Self-Sufficiency Fund.

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