Nimzawi’s New School

30 Sep

Students and teachers standing before their new school house in Nimzawi Village, Myanmar

Nimzawi’s New School

Mudslides can’t keep kids out of school for long

Dear Friends,

Heaven’s Family has been busy this summer helping victims of natural disasters in little corners of the world where no news reporters have ventured—and no government or other aid has reached.

Several months ago record monsoon flooding caused widespread destruction in Chin State, Myanmar. Homes were lost, including the school where the three children of Za Tial attended. Thankfully their lives were spared, but although homes had been built afterwards in a new location, they had no school—until God answered her prayers through you who have generously given to the Disaster Relief Ministry.

Here’s what Za Tial wrote:

At that time [of the disaster], my husband was out of the home and spent in Falam town. The back section of my village started sliding about one feet every thirty minutes. We guessed that landslide wouldn’t affect the village however amazingly it never stop, and keep sliding. About 2:00 am, since the situation was very dangerous, all the villagers run out to the safe place. In the next day, we transferred to our neighbor village, Phual Pi.

Since our elders sure that there is no plot for us to live in that village, they started to apply to get new place to dwell. Chin state government offered us a land on the valley.

We have been living for nine months here in Nimzawl. However, there seemed to be no school although we applied for several times to the government. I was truly worried for my three kids as they are happy to study so they asked me when there will be school in our village, day and night. There is no way for us to remove to another village and purchase a new land since we lost all our properties, land. So all we can do is just to wait God’s hand through somebody by praying!

Later on, God responded our prayer. You provided a good school building. We don’t need to worry for our kid’s education especially for me, who can’t afford to buy a land in another place to settle down.

Za Tial with her three children, who are happy to be attending school again!

Thank you so much on behalf of Za Tial and her children, and the families of the many other children who can now attend school in Nimzawi! You’ve encouraged them in their faith, and you’re also an encouragement to me and Mawia, our Heaven’s Family staff member in Myanmar who worked hard to help make this new school possible.

Because of Him,

Jeff Trotter
Director, Disaster Relief Ministry

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