Nine Grateful Girls

18 Feb

Back row (left to right): Elisabeth Nyalat, Patience Nyamal, Regina Nyalwak, Becky Servant, Mary Nyawal, Naomi Nyahok. Front row: Joy Nyalong, Prudence Nyangoa, Tabitha Nyaluo, Peace Nyachieng

Nine Grateful Girls

Providing a new home for some lost girls from South Sudan

Dear Friends,

My heart was stolen a year ago when I met 9 precious young girls who were rescued from warring Dinka and Nuer tribes in the newly formed South Sudan, Africa. Each of them carries a horrific story about losing their families and becoming orphans less than 2 years ago. They were made to witness atrocities that no child should ever see.

Then a savior came along named James, an evangelist who has a heart to bring the gospel to his home country of South Sudan. At the time traveling to proclaim the gospel, God provided James with the opportunity to rescue several widows with children, and a number of orphans—including these 9 heart-stealing girls—and bring them to a place of safety in Kenya.

Heaven’s Family’s Refugee Ministry now sponsors 2 of these girls with an education at Cindi’s Hope, a Christian boarding school in Naivasha, Kenya. We hope to find sponsors soon for the other 7 girls. For $600 per year for each girl, they receive love, care and an education—a privilege that was previously beyond their wildest dreams.

In October I visited these young girls again—what a difference just 6 months had made! Previously, they had been quiet and withdrawn. Smiles were rare and strained. Now they act like normal, happy children, laughing and playing because they feel loved and secure in their new home.

A photo of one of the sponsored girls, Naomi Nyahok, taken in October

A card that Naomi sent to her sponsors. She is very grateful to live in safety and be learning about Jesus.

Then last Christmas these 9 girls joined 14 other children and 5 widows at James’ house for the holiday break. Since he lives by faith and doesn’t have any outside sponsors, Heaven’s Family sent James funds from the Refugee Ministry to buy the additional food he needed. With no worries about how to feed 23 kids, it was truly a Merry Christmas for all as they celebrated the birth of our Savior!

Your gifts to the Refugee Ministry made this all possible. These young women are very grateful for your love!

May Jesus receive all the glory,

Becky Servant
Director, Refugee Ministry

A few of the 23 children and widows showing some of the food that was purchased

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