No Holding Back

Picture of missionary with victim of leprosyAunt Tao with the missionary who told her about Jesus

No Holding Back

You’ve enabled an illiterate leprosy victim to shine for Jesus!

Dear Family,

Aunt Tao was 18 years old when she got the news that drastically and abruptly changed her entire life. Her year-long marriage ended abruptly in divorce when her husband heard about her leprosy diagnosis. Then, she was banished for life to a leprosy quarantine village high in the remote mountains. This all happened in 1964.

In 2009, her life was, again, forever changed. She became the first person in her colony to put her faith in Jesus and shortly thereafter was baptized.

For several reasons, she has always felt unqualified to lead others. She is an illiterate woman who has lived with the stigma and rejection of leprosy since she was 18. However, none of those factors mean anything to Jesus.

In a dream, a man dressed in white led her to a mountaintop with several sheep there. The man in white told her to feed the sheep. She immediately listed the factors that would seem to disqualify her. Jesus told her in the dream that He had already given her these sheep.

Aunt Tao has since reached her entire village with the gospel! She faithfully leads the daily church meetings. Since she is unable to read, Aunt Tao plays Scripture readings from one of the audio Bibles you’ve helped provide for every person in her village. Worshipping Jesus with them is one of the sweetest experiences imaginable!

Your investments in the Leprosy Ministry of Heaven’s Family continue to supply their village with Bibles, worship songs, and teachings on DVD. Thank you!

If Aunt Tao can wrestle with her insecurities, fight her physical and mental limitations, and be used by God, what is holding us back?

Director of the Leprosy Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Leprosy Ministry

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