No Longer Down in the Dumps

10 Oct

No Longer Down in the Dumps

Image of mother and daughter from GuatemalaSharon and her daughter, Shelby are living new lives, thanks to you

No Longer Down in the Dumps

A good school has changed everything for both mother and daughter

Dear Family,

You’d never guess that Sharon used to work at the city dump in Guatemala. Along with the other pickers, she would search through the mounds of trash left behind by the garbage trucks—looking for something she could sell to earn a living, or some food scraps she could salvage to feed her daughter and herself. The work was dangerous and Sharon has many scars—physical as well as emotional. She longed for a better future for her daughter.

But then a miracle happened. Sharon met a worker at Libre Infancia, and her daughter was offered a free, high-quality education at the Libre Infancia school. Then, after the staff got to know Sharon, they offered her a job at the school!

Sharon is now a full-time kitchen helper at Libre Infancia. She is earning a living and learning how to support herself and her daughter with her new income. Shelby feels so proud of her mother. During her school breaks, she often runs to be with Mom.

Your support has changed two lives! Thank you for making Shelby’s education and Sharon’s job possible through the Education Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

Image of the director of the Education Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Education Ministry

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