No Longer Forgotten

Before and after image of SalvacionLeft: Salvacion before she received her healing. Right: Salvacion now—healthy and worshiping at church.

No Longer Forgotten

The “forgotten community” is blessed

Dear Family,

Last September, Salvacion’s body suddenly became weak and she was unable to walk for two months. Because of her poverty, she could not visit a doctor. Add to that her lack of nutritious food, decent shelter,water, and adequate sanitation, and her condition only worsened. But she desperately cried to God for healing. Despite her illness, our local partner visited Salvacion every week without fail, acontinued to participate in a small-group discovery Bible study. A food package from Heaven’s Family kept her frail body nourished physically.

Before Christmas, when Salvacion was attending an outreach meeting that our partner church held, she felt something in her body, telling her that she could walk again. Through her persistent faith ishe was miraculously healed!

A follow-up meeting to thank the Lord took place on December 29. This was a year after we did our first food distribution in the “forgotten community” (sadly, that’s the name the residents had given themsewhere 300 hundred families are unreached. At our one-year celebration this December, 35 people put their faith in Jesus! Some of them told me, “At first, we were just attending church because you were giving fooeventually we realized that food is just for our body but the Word of God is the food of our soul.”

These special people in the Philippines have had a true, supernatural encounter with Christ. Many of them now refer to their community as “blessed” instead of “forgotten.”

Through your investments in Heaven’s Family’s Unreached People Groups Ministry, you helped provide New food packages to 75 families in this community and Bible storybooks, vitamins, biscuits, and candies to 50 children. These gifts sustained bodies and led to transformed hearts for eternity. Thank you!!

Director of the Unreached People Groups Ministry

Todd Matthews
Director, Unreached People Groups Ministry

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