No Turning Back

An unlikely gathering

No Turning Back

A routine hospital visit in Sri Lanka with glorious results

Note: for security reasons, names have been changed

Dear Friends,

Manoj Kumara is a Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary (currently unsponsored at the time of this writing) ministering in remote villages in Sri Lanka. His motto is “No turning back” and his heart beats for discipleship and church-planting in places that have never heard about Jesus before.

Part of Manoj’s ministry is to visit hospitals to pray and minister to those who are sick and dying. Recently, on one such visit, Manoj met Mr. Sunil, a staunch Hindu who was unable to walk. Sunil reluctantly listened as Manoj shared with him about a Healer named Jesus Christ. After listening, Sunil then allowed Manoj to pray for him. Here is Sunil’s response in his own words:

I am Sunil and was a Hindu. Four months back I was struck by a sickness and was unable to walk. I went [to] different hospitals, temples, and was in the ICU too, but no cure. One day when I was on the hospital bed, Manoj Kumara walked up to me and shared Jesus with me and prayed. Since that time I began to walk and now I am able to go to work as well. All praise and glory belongs to Jesus. Now me and my wife are following Jesus’ footsteps.

After surrendering their lives to the Lord, Sunil and his wife opened their house for other Christians in their village to meet. They, and another family in that village whom Manoj also lead to the Lord, are now meeting together there for discipleship and fellowship. Manoj’s pioneer house church is located in a village hostile to the gospel.

Sunil and his wife meeting together with Manoj for fellowship in Sunil’s house

Manoj has dedicated his life to making disciples of Christ in a Hindu- and Buddhist-dominated country. His commitment is unwavering. You won’t hear about Manoj on TV or see his sermons go viral on the internet—he is an unsung hero.

We have the great opportunity and privilege of partnering with frontline soldiers like Manoj, linking arms with them to take the gospel into dangerous places to rescue the perishing multitudes. Thank you so much for your partnership.

On their behalf,

Jody Walter
Director, National Missionary Fund

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