Noah of Nazareth

02 Sep
The children and directors of Nazareth Orphanage in front of their home
Over 8,000 miles away from our offices here in the USA, in a remote location in Myanmar, is a place where children find refuge and love. Nazareth Orphanage is located in the middle of the Golden Triangle, an area in Southeast Asia that is known for producing opium. Many people work in the poppy fields, and many are addicted to opium themselves. Opium addiction causes families to be broken, and as a result there are many orphans. Over thirty have found their way to Nazareth Orphanage. Let me tell you about one of those children. His name is Noah.


It was a cold night in Taunggyi, Myanmar. The whole town was one large party; it was the first day of the Buddhist Festival of Light. Everywhere, happy families and large parades were marching through town with decorated floats and lighted candles, making their way to the pagoda. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, Noah lost sight of his father. For three days and nights, Noah cried and sobbed by the roadside, waiting for someone to come for him. His father never came.

A Christian family found Noah and took him in to their home. For three months they took care of Noah, even though their income was very limited. Finally they decided to take Noah to Nazareth Orphanage. When he came to the orphanage, he appeared to have mental difficulties, and the neighbors predicted he would become insane. They were not, however, counting on God doing a work in his life. Now Noah is a very healthy little boy with a beautiful smile! Mosez, the director, says he is proud to call him his son. Noah is also one of God’s precious children, and He is one Father who will never leave or forsake His children!

On July 31st, Mosez Zabiak, director of Nazareth Orphanage, welcomed another son into his family (inset). Congratulations!

For the Children,


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