Unique Opportunity for North Korea Food Aid

25 Mar

Unique Opportunity for North Korea Food Aid

Hand scooping corn from bag
Food aid sent to help feed Christians in North Korea during the hard winter months

Due to rampant inflation a few months ago, North Korea’s regime devalued the national currency by 100 to 1, effectively vaporizing the savings of its citizens. The citizens of North Korea were required to trade old currency for new, turning in old 1,000 won notes for new 10 won notes. Because of an exchange cap of 100,000 won per family, worth a little more than about $700, anyone holding old notes have lost virtually everything. Our contacts inside North Korea have indicated that the whole nation is grieving to an extent not seen in many years and is in dire need of food aid.

Many struggling Christians in North Korea—already set back by dwindling government food rations—had been saving as much extra cash as possible over the summer months in order to subsidize their family’s food needs through the lean winter. In light of the catastrophic currency devaluation, they wondered how they would survive the winter, unless they received food aid smuggled in from the “outside.”

The government of North Korea has also cracked down on the once-tolerated underground markets, through which most citizens of North Korea once purchased their emergency food rations and also received aid.

Ironically, the harsh winter season created a unique opportunity for us to provide food aid and meet the pressing needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ who are struggling for survival in North Korea. Extreme cold froze the border rivers, which became a firm pathway for food aid couriers.

North Korea Food Aid and Grateful Hearts

Your gifts have been saving Christians in North Korea from starvation this winter. Every week secret food aid delivery missions are being carried out. The families who are being served “send their jubilant thanks with grateful hearts filled with new hope.” Thanks so much. Your gifts / aid are literally saving lives!

Sincerely in Christ,

Director, North Korean Christians Fund


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  • wayne oravec


    Thank you for the updates on N.Korean christians. Please keep them coming as often as you can. It is an encouragement for the giving by MountainQuest Media

    Prayers are with you and all involved in North Korean Christians Fund

    In Christ,
    Wayne Oravec

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