North Korea is Listening

07 Oct

North Korea is Listening

Picture of North Korean soldier patrolling border

North Korea is Listening

You’ve helped broadcast the gospel into the hermit kingdom

Dear Family,

Did you know you are helping to share the gospel via radio inside North Korea? You are! Your donations to the Compassion Club have helped to launch a radio station that reaches the southwest portion of North Korea, including the capital of Pyongyang.

Many people in North Korea listen to the radio, and many cell phones include an FM receiver. So getting Christian messages on FM radio brings discipleship even closer to the masses!

Each “episode” essentially consists of a dialogue among members of a small discipleship group. The broadcasts introduce people to the God of the Bible by presenting selected stories from the Old and New Testaments. After providing a biblical overview, the programs discuss stories of discipleship, church life, and being on mission with God.

The virtual group is set up according to the principles of discipleship movements: anyone can read and understand the Bible, the Bible must be both understood and applied, and anyone can start a small group to begin discipling others. The passages chosen are designed to give listeners a strong biblical foundation and everything they would need to begin discipling others.

First, the group discusses how they applied the previous week’s Bible lesson, and what happened as a result of their putting their faith into action.

Next, the facilitator asks someone to read the current week’s Bible story.

After that, the group considers three questions: What does this teach us about God? What does this teach us about people? What do I need to do this week as a result of studying this passage?

Then, the group members practice retelling the story, so that they are prepared to share the message with someone else.

It’s a simple process that enables participants to know more of God’s Word, apply it to their own lives, and share it with others. Please pray that the Lord will use this radio station to teach North Koreans about Him.

Thank you so much for being a part of the Compassion Club and enabling the people of this closed country to hear about Jesus!

Elisabeth Walker
Compassion Club Coordinator

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