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In my last North Korea mini-update, I told you about Mrs. Kim, a believer who escaped from North Korea and who lives in China, but who smuggles food into North Korea for starving Christians. She was caught several months ago feeding starving family members and was put into a prison camp.

A border patrol guard who will shoot at any who dare try to escape from North Korea

For the last six months our partner’s underground network has been working tirelessly to discover where Mrs. Kim is being held. Their persistence paid off, and to our relief, she was found to be alive, but suffering severe malnourishment and sickness from months of living in horrific prison conditions Heaven’s Family sent funds to help our partners provide medical help for Mrs. Kim by means of bribing starving prison guards.

Our partners recently received an email from one of their other smugglers. He said that he had discovered that with a little monetary intervention he could immediately secure the release of Mrs. Kim from prison. As you read this, that smuggler is in the process of rescuing Mrs. Kim and taking her safely back to her two sons in China.

Thank you so much for giving to the North Korean Christians Fund. Your gifts have helped secure the rescue of Mrs. Kim.


Director North Korean Christians Fund

Learn how the North Korean Christian Fund is providing food for starving believers in communist North Korea.


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  • Brandon W.

    Hi Elisabeth,

    I had no idea that you where a director. It is always neat seeing you guys going farther with your work. I haven’t seen your family in like a year. Hope to see you guys soon!!

    you guys are AWESOME!!!

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