Not a Quitter

Picture of Daniel, a refugee from KenyaProud, determined Daniel in his Kenyan high school uniform

Not a Quitter

Because of your help, this refugee child will soon graduate from high school

Dear Family,

The South Sudanese village where five-year-old Daniel Maketh lived was attacked by the militia. Daniel’s mother, father, and relatives were killed, all in one tragic day. Daniel was left alone to care for himself.

A Christian former neighbor heard that the village was attacked and went back to check on it. Finding Daniel living alone, he took the child home with him.

Ultimately, this fine Christian man and his family ended up raising 10 orphaned children at a refugee camp in northern Kenya. By God’s grace, they were able to settle in Nakuru, Kenya with an opportunity to improve their lives.

When I first met Daniel, he was not going to school. Through your compassionate help, we soon enrolled him in grade school. Daniel knew his only way out of extreme poverty was education. He was several years older than his classmates, but he didn’t care; he wanted to learn and dreamed of doing something special with his life.

Daniel was a diligent student despite great obstacles. Lacking the funds to pay for transportation, he walked several miles to school. Once, when his tuition fee was late, he couldn’t get a copy of the books, but he still went to school to listen. I could tell that he was extremely determined to succeed. He never quit studying through the COVID-19 lockdowns. Daniel is an impressive young man who refuses to quit.

Because of you, Daniel is now in his last year of high school. God has been faithful in helping him to overcome his many challenges. We have no doubt that God has great things in store for this remarkable young man! Thank you for changing Daniel’s life through Heaven’s Family’s Refugee Ministry!

Director of the Refugee Ministry

Becky Servant
Director, Refugee Ministry

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