Not all businesses succeed [Eighth blog from Myanmar]

12 Nov

Not all businesses succeed [Eighth blog from Myanmar]

Crossing the bamboo pole bridge to Tha Cung Bik’s field was even scarier than it looks.

Sadly, not all of our orphanage directors succeed in their business ventures. Either a lack of knowledge or an unexpected disaster sometimes cause the businesses to fail. An unexpected natural disaster was the case for Tha Cung Bik, director of Zion Orphanage in Yangon. Rare flooding in the region of his field completely destroyed the elephant foot yam he’d been growing. Less than 10 plants survived. Tha Cung Bik told me that it is very rare for it to flood in that area. His neighbors told him they’d never seen flooding like that before.

Hope isn’t lost though. Orphan’s Tear will be making a loan to Tha Cung Bik from the Self-Sufficiency Fund to grow several varieties of vegetables, which the orphanage will sell and use the profit to become more self-sufficient.

All for the benefit of the children,

Elisabeth Walker
Director of Orphan’s Tear

Tha Cung Bik, pictured right to myself, along with a few new plants they’ve begun to grow in their field.


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  • Peter

    Thanks for sharing these great stories Elisabeth.

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