Not Their Last Supper

28 Apr

Not Their Last Supper

Picture of food being distributed to the poor in Guatemala
You fed those who had no food–and no hope—until God showed up through you.

Not Their Last Supper

You helped, impoverished families in Guatemala survived

Dear Family,

COVID-19 has reached Guatemala. Businesses are shut down. Necessities are sparse. While it sounds all too familiar to the crisis those of us in the US and other Western nations are facing, the difference is that in Guatemala, starvation is an immediate threat. Most workers live day to day with their meager earnings. Guatemala already had a high malnutrition rate of 50%, and when suddenly most of the jobs available to the poor are gone, the threat of starvation is immediate, even if many don’t have that emaciated, long-term hunger look we’re accustomed to seeing in places like Sudan, Africa, for example.

You came to their rescue, however, through your gift to the Food Ministry. You helped to feed over 125 children and their families in the rural town of Aceituno, where the malnutrition rate was already 80%! But because of you, they will not starve during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While our partner is taking precautions in protecting those they help and themselves, he said:

From the outside looking in, it seems so easy. Stay at home. Quarantine. Don’t go out.

But inside this ministry, it is not so black and white. The calls are coming. So many of our families rely on income today to feed themselves tonight. And now they are without work, which means no food tonight. Or tomorrow. Or the next. And I can get them food for their families, but not if I stay home.

God has brought us here for such a time as this. We will NOT abandon those we love when they need us most.

Picture of kids in Guatemala eating together before COVID-19
The “Old Days” before COVID-19, when children would eat their meal together and then return home. But now, they or their parents come (like in the photo at top) with containers so they can eat at home to help restrict the spread of the virus.

Thank you so much for continuing to give to the Food Ministry during this time when I’m sure you’ve been affected in some way by the virus yourself. For these 125 families though, they didn’t have to face their “last supper,” and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that you saved their lives during this time. Thank you.

Serving Together,

Diane Scott
Director, Food Ministry

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