Oasis in the Desert

08 May

New well in Sahara
The mayor of Gorom Gorom pumping water at the new well you helped make possible!

Oasis in the Desert

You’ve provided clean water for a village near the Sahara

Dear Family,

Gorom Gorom, Burkina Faso is close to the Sahara Desert. It’s very hot with a dry, desert-like climate. The people are impoverished, and water is scarce and hard to find.

The lack of water became an urgent crisis because of an influx of thousands of refugees who fled their villages due to militant Islamist attacks. In recent years, this underdeveloped, predominantly Muslim African nation, like several others on the continent, has been targeted by militant Islamic organizations. The smaller Christian population has been attacked repeatedly, and many have lost their lives.

But thanks to your generous gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Safe Water Ministry, a deep well has been successfully drilled and now there is clean water for everyone!

Today, the whole community looks on as villagers come all day long for clean water, pumping the well and seeing the good things that are happening in Jesus’ name. In conjunction with the gospel, they see our ministry partner providing job training, literacy classes, fellowship, and more. Their health is greatly improved. But the greatest thing is that they are hearing the Word of God and learning to share the gospel with their families and friends. The well is helping to open the spiritual door to the entire community.

The villagers are so joyful for this gift. May they all come to know Jesus, who is the true Living Water!

Diane Scott
Director, Safe Water Ministry

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