Obed the Fisherman

Obed showing off one of the fish he caught with his bare hands!

Now, during the hottest season in Myanmar, none of the boys at New Heritage Orphanage need any coaxing to jump into their pond to do a little fishing, especially Obed!

Obed’s parents both died in a car accident when he was much younger. He and his little sister at first lived with their grandparents, but soon were brought to New Heritage Orphanage because their grandparents were too poor to care for them.

Now 15 years old, Obed is very talented. Not only at barehanded fishing, but also at playing soccer, which he plays almost every day.

New Heritage desires to become a self-sufficient home. They already raise fish, pigs and, towards the end of April, will be opening their own photo printing shop—thanks to gifts to the Orphan’s Tear Special Projects Fund. Thank you so much making a difference in the life of Obed, as well as all of the children at New Heritage!

For the children,

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

After catching the fish, Obed and the rest of the boys enjoyed a small feast!

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