On-Fire Cop Gets Fired

08 Oct

Pastor Xai outside of his house church with well
Pastor Xai at the new well tap outside the wall of his house church

On-Fire Cop Gets Fired

Watering the growing church in rural Laos

Dear Family,

Hongsa District, Laos: Xai, a former policeman, lost his job in 2006. Why? Because he became a believer in Jesus and began telling others about Him. Though he lost his job he did not lose heart, and his whole family came to Christ. He and his wife would share the gospel with those coming to buy produce at his wife’s vegetable stand in the village market. They led 3 families to the Lord, so they started a church that meets regularly at their house.

Xai determined to go out and share the gospel in the surrounding hills to minority groups like the Prai people, who’d never heard about Jesus. The Lord blessed and multiplied his ministry, and today there are 12 house churches established from this former policeman’s evangelism—more than 700 people have come to believe Jesus is Lord through his ministry.

You may be thinking, This report sounds like a National Missionary Ministry report…and it could be, but here’s where the Safe Water Ministry steals this show by telling you how Jesus uses clean water to win souls and disciple believers.

You see, groups eager to learn more about our Lord regularly come to Pastor Xai’s house-church ministry base to receive discipleship and training. The trainings can last for several days. When they gathered together, however, the available water was not enough to serve everyone’s needs. And the well they had was limited because it was hand-dug, shallow and provided unclean water. The water was often sandy and sometimes muddy (and stinky)—water not fit to drink and unhealthy!

Thanks to gifts to the Safe Water Ministry, we’ve invested in Pastor Xai’s ministry. We helped him to drill a deep well that now provides abundant clean water that flows strong and stays clear (no longer muddy and stinky)! And, the clean water is not only for Pastor Xai’s family, the house church, and all those who come for training, but the local community is also benefiting from the well. Xai and his wife love to share the water with their neighbors who are not believers—yet—in order to share God’s love for them. Clean water in da house means more fruit for the kingdom of our Lord!

Clean water remains one of the most urgent needs of our partners around the world. Thank you so much to those of you who have given to the Safe Water Ministry! Together we are making a difference by providing clean water to meet the physical needs of our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ—and getting in on the eternal action, too!

Serving Together,

Diane Scott
Director, Safe Water Ministry

Mrs. Xai’s turn to fill a container with clean water jetting with powerful force from the new well!

Picture of Mrs. Xai with a container of clean water


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  • Eileen Strikwerda

    What a wonderful & exciting story. It reminds me of Jesus conversation with the woman of Samaria, who He met at the Well of Jacob & introduced to the Living Water, & then introduced to a whole village. God uses the natural to introduce, & draw people to Himself. He never changes! Isn’t it amazing! We use the same word, draw, to both ‘draw’ water from a well & for when God ‘draws’ people to himself. We ‘draw’ Water from the Well of Salvation!!!
    So many will come to know our Lord because of this well, and The Well, at Ps & Mrs Xai’s home. God is so Good. 🙂

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