Once a day

Picture of kids eating healthy meals in KenyaA child excitedly enjoys a healthy meal at the food outreach in Kibera that you’ve helped make possible

Once a day

That’s all the meals these children got—until your help arrived

Dear Family,

Question: How many times do you eat each day or week?

Mitchell, age 11, says: “Each day, once or not at all. I eat at least three times per week.”

Jael, age 4, says: “Once a day. Three or four times a week.”

Victor, age 17, says: “Once a day.”

Mitchell, Jael, and Victor live in the Kenyan slum of Kibera—the largest slum in Africa. The life expectancy here is 30 years. Meager diets contribute to Kibera residents’ shockingly short life spans. COVID-19 has caused even greater stress, as food costs have doubled for people who may earn only $1 a day. There is much hopelessness.

But you are doing something about it through your gifts to the Heaven’s Family Food Ministry. Mitchell, Jael, Victor, and 80 other children are part of the food outreach started by our ministry partner’s church in Kibera. As part of their participation in the program, the kids are asked basic questions about their home dietary conditions. (You read a few responses above.)

Every Sunday, the children gather for a complete, hot nutritious meal. Besides receiving desperately-needed nutrition, the kids learn about Jesus, worship God, and are prayed for and discipled.

We intend to continue helping these and other families who desperately need food and to show them that Jesus loves them. Thank you for giving these children hope for the future!

Director of the Food Ministry

Diane Scott
Director, Food Ministry

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