One Bike=Ten Churches

23 Jan

Albert Ngarambe

Dear Friends,

YOU are making a difference! It’s hard to imagine that having a bicycle could impact spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, but that is exactly what you are accomplishing through the National Missionary Fund. One of our pastors in Rwanda wrote the following testimony, and I know it will encourage you.

My name is Albert Ngarambe and in the 27 years I am preaching the Gospel, I have never seen fruits like what I’m seeing now.

Since I received the bicycle from Heaven’s Family in 2012, we started 10 new churches. Even though I cannot ride often, the bicycle is used by my disciples who preach the Gospel. They use it everyday one after the other. I always ask myself what could happen if every disciple could have his own bicycle! But we Thank God because of you, and we pray for you so that you may continue to be such a blessing for the work of God because without you, we couldn’t have been what we are now.

You have loved us, cared for us, and we are very thankful for all you do.

Because of Him,

Karin Trotter

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