One of the Cutest Kids in the World!

10 Jun

One of the Cutest Kids in the World!

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Dear Compassionate Friends,

Myanmar, where the majority of orphans live who are supported by Orphan’s Tear, is experiencing significant inflation due to the policies of its military government. For example, the price of rice, a major necessity for all the orphanages, has increased by 50% in the past three months. I’m so glad that we’ve been able to significantly increase our monthly gifts to our thirty-three orphanages because of everyone who has been able to increase their monthly gift to $20. Thank you so very much.

Because of special gifts we received in May, we were blessed to provide land and a new building for Goshen Orphanage in Myanmar, costing $7,000. They asked for our help in this matter over two years ago! Below is an e-mail from the director, expressing his thanks when he received our e-mail informing him that the money was on its way:

We received your email on June 1st. We’re thrill with joy when we heard from you. I told to my kids and the joy of tears run down on their cheeks. We no longer need to worry about a rented home for our children. Each time I think about what you’ve said. My heart jumps with joy. Praise the lord. Amen.

God is so good for Goshen orphans. And you too are so good to us. I am a man with no basic education only wanting to serve God. Whenever I write to you. I need a translate or and they willing by help me whenever I asked. The love that you’ve shown to us is the love of the lord reflected on us. For the lord loves sinners and the poor. It also is a joy that we’re indebted to you in love. Hallelujah!

In Christ’s Service
Enoch Hmunkhar
Goshen Orphanage

Also because of special gifts, we helped with needed surgery of the director of Mercy Children Home, and assisted Grace Baby Home, a very needy orphanage that we have not adopted yet that is directed by an 81-year-old man. Again, thanks so much. 100% of your special gifts are used to meet special needs like those every month. And at least 90% of the regular monthly support that so many of you give who have adopted an orphan goes to your child’s orphanage.

In the midst of all this good news, we are experiencing a slow time for orphan sponsorships. We have nearly 1,000 orphans on our web site, and about half now have sponsors. Could you spread the word about Orphan’s Tear to your friends and family?  With your help we can soon see all of these precious children sponsored.

For the Children,


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