Open Door of Opportunity

08 Dec

I don’t believe that we have even scratched the surface of what FGW can do in inner city of America. But I do believe that God will use FGW to transform our inner cities as He is using FGW to transform darkest Africa.

We intend to use the same strategy in America that our FGW trainers are using so successfully in Africa. We will introduce FGW to the local urban churches and equip them to use it to engage their immediate neighbors, making disciples for the Lord Jesus, and producing an abundance of fresh vegetables, greens and corn to satisfy the needs of their urban food deserts. At this time, we are building relationships with urban churches in the Pittsburgh area to bring FGW to their neighborhoods. During the winter months we will start FGW training with those churches and help them form GLGs in their neighborhoods. By spring 2018, we hope to have several dozen churches trained and equipped to bring FGW and GLGs to their neighborhoods.

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