Operation: Secret Seoul

Representative picture of coffee shop in South Korea
Recently some of our staff held a secret strategy meeting in a coffee shop in Seoul, South Korea.

Operation: Secret Seoul

David’s first blog from South Korea

Dear Family,

In a busy cafe in downtown Seoul (South Korea), morning commuters buzz around me as they hurriedly grab their morning coffee and head off to unknown locations. There is a lot of noise, as polite greetings and rushed orders mix into the background.

The small party at my table talks in hushed tones, so as not to be overheard by the other shop patrons. I marvel at the contrast of the scene, as the purpose for which I find myself in this place is very different. Together, we are plotting the unthinkable…an invasion! Before you get too worked up, let me reassure you that we have no intention of overthrowing a government. But our mission is this—to shine the light of Jesus inside North Korea!

I’ve flown halfway around the world to meet with this amazing group to discuss strategy, and to believe together as we share our testimonies with one another and pray for God’s guidance and anointing as we work to advance His Kingdom.

Let me introduce you to the other key players sitting at my table:

Mrs. Kim is an incredibly courageous woman who has faithfully smuggled food, medicine, and supplies—as well as the gospel—to 40 families in a remote part of North Korea for the past 22 years.

Mrs. “H” is a mother of two who was amongst the initial converts in a remote area of China. After being discipled by an American missionary, they fell in love and together have become a powerful duo. For 20 years they’ve been a “bridge” between underground believers and the U.S/South Korean church.

Pastor “C”—to many, this unassuming man is just a common pastor overseeing a small congregation in South Korea. But his unique leadership has created an atmosphere of belief in God for the impossible, through his passionate prayer and logistical support for covert ministry operations.

And then there is you. That’s right, YOU have a place at this table too, with your prayer and financial support of the Persecuted Christians Ministry. Because of your incredible partnership with the Persecuted Christians Ministry, this ragtag band of “invaders” can continue their mission.

I am humbled that I get to play a small part in this group, and I thank you for your obedience to God’s Word that finds me here. But there is even more to come! Next time I’ll tell you about another underground meeting in South Korea that would change my life.

Together in Christ,

David Promise
Director of Ministry Partnerships, Persecuted Christians Ministry


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