Orange Tarp Baptisms

Stephen Paing Bu reading the Word of God while standing in a makeshift baptistry

Dear Friends,

Next time you’re in the middle of a jungle preaching the gospel to crowds of Buddhists and animists, don’t forget your tarp!

Stephen Paing Bu, a Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary, recently spent several days of ministry in Hnak Do Village, Myanmar. At night he preached the gospel. During the day, he taught new believers how to study the Bible.

By the end of his crusade, 10 animists (those who worship rocks and trees and so on) and 4 Buddhists had repented of their sins and turned to Jesus Christ for their salvation. Having no baptistry or other water nearby in which to baptize them, they improvised, using a large orange tarp to make a baptistry.

Stephen witnessed a great hunger for the gospel among the animists of this region, and he will be returning there in May. Please pray for his long trip, as there are always potential dangers. Pray also for the 14 new converts of Hnak Do Village, that they will be discipled in the Lord and will not turn back to the darkness.

Stephen shared with me these words of thanks: “I believe that one day, those who support and pray for me, a humble servant, will be rewarded prizes before God.”

There are several worthy national missionaries, like Stephen, who are in need of monthly partners. Would you prayerfully consider linking your life with one?

On their behalf,

Jody Walter
Director, National Missionary Fund

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