Orphans in Prison!

The children of Faith Orphanage proclaiming “Oh come let us adore Him!”

The children of Faith Orphanage joined a chaplain at a local prison in Kalaymyo, Myanmar, to minister to inmates during the Christmas holidays by singing carols to them. The chaplain also shared the gospel to the crowd. Afterwards, the inmates were served a Christmas meal, a real feast for those who normally receive so little.

The director wrote:

Merry Christmas to you! Today we went to the prison camp with our children to celebrate the Christmas. Praise God that every thing went well. We have had a very good and blessed time with the prisoners. Glory to God!

I am so blessed to see the children ministering to prisoners. Even though they might be small in stature, I’m sure they made a big impact in the lives of the inmates!

For the children,

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

Even some inmates, many whom are Buddhists, joined in singing Christmas carols!

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