Orphans No More! [Third blog from Nepal]

23 Oct

Orphans No More! [Third blog from Nepal]

Though my name was misspelled, I loved the wonderful welcome message that greeted us, especially with my handsome husband Jody in the photo!

In Nepal, my husband Jody and I were privileged to be able to stay with the children of New Hope Home for a few days. This was a rare opportunity, because most countries we work in require foreigners to stay in hotels. This gave us a first-hand peek into the daily lives of the children of New Hope.

Soon after we arrived, we gathered to meet the entire family in their living room. Because New Hope Home has only six orphans living there, it felt more like a family than any other orphanage I’d visited. That difference became most noticeable when the father of the home, Trilok, introduced the kids as “my children.” Usually the introduction at most orphanages goes something like, “These are the orphans living here.” My heart was instantly warmed!

I also noticed several Father’s Day cards strung above one of the doorways. Each of the beautiful, homemade cards contained a special message for Trilok from the children, thanking him for being their dad.

It was easy to see the special connection the kids have with their substitute parents. These children are no longer orphans, but are now sons and daughters. They now have a loving father and mother who care for them as their own. What a powerful testimony!

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

Trilok with his 3 “adopted” sons, Ramesh, Padam, and Dinesh

Two of the very creative Father’s Day cards the children made for Trilok

Trilok is very musically gifted and has taught his “adopted” children and his own daughter (on the stool at right) how to play several instruments. The family is hoping one day to tour locally as a band, sharing the gospel of Christ.

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