Orphans Serving Widows!

27 Oct

Orphans Serving Widows!

Dear Friends,

This month I want to share with you some good updates and photos that we received from a few of our orphanages.

Orphans Serving Widows

Mephibosheth Orphanage in Myanmar believes that even though they are orphans, James 1:27 still applies to them as well! The director reports:

For two weeks, our young ladies cook food for an old widow (one of our neighbors) because she was in a sickbed and our boys help her in feeding her pigs.

Some of the orphans taking care of pigs

Love in Action

Love in Action Orphanage takes the name of their orphanage very seriously. Recently, they went house-to-house, telling their neighbors about Jesus. Here is what the director wrote:

For our very first trip we were distribute gospel tracts in house to house. Our ministry field is not so far away, just only 10 minutes walk.

We were visited in not only Christian houses but also non–Charistian houses. We have distribute two kinds of tracts and gave as their conditions. If the family is non-Christian, we gave the tracts about “Salvation” and if a house is Christian we gave “Encourangement for Chritian life”.

In every houses that we have been visited, they tell the praying points and then children have pray for them.

Children from Love in Action Orphanage praying for a neighbor

Beulah’s New Home

We recently were able to help with the purchase of a new home for Beulah Orphanage in Myanmar. They are very happy with their new home as you can tell in the following letter we received from them…

Our family jumped for joy yesterday.That day was the day we have been happiest in our family’s lives. We could not buy another house better than this house. More space. It is far better in everything. Today we are in our own house. Praise the Lord. Nothing is impossible with God. When you see our house I hope and believe that you will say good. It is wonderful how God has made the way to purchase this house. It is unbelievable.

The Beulah children waving from their new home!

Thanks so Much!

As always, thanks to every orphan sponsor, and to everyone who has given to any of Orphan’s Tear’s focused funds! Your gifts are making a difference in the lives of orphans, and we are eternally grateful.

For the children,

Charity McDaniel

Our goal is to serve you as you serve “the least of these” among Christ’s family. If you would like to contribute again to any of the Orphan’s Tear funds, we want to make it easy for you, either through a credit card or an automatic bank withdrawal. Just click on the appropriate link here: Sponsor a Child, Orphan’s Tear Special Gifts Fund, Christmas Gifts for Orphans Fund, Education Fund, Foster Care Initiative Fund, or Self-Sufficiency Fund.

Heaven’s Family is a 501C3 non-profit organization recognized by the I.R.S., and all contributions are fully tax-deductible. Contributions can be made by check to: Heaven’s Family, P.O. Box 12854, Pittsburgh, PA 15241. Please write the designated fund name in the memo of your check. Heaven’s Family is also a registered charity in the U.K., and most gifts qualify for Gift Aid, significantly increasing the size of your gift. Contributions can be made by cheque to: Heaven’s Family, P.O. Box 7402, Bournemouth, U.K. BH11 0EJ. Please write the designated fund name in the memo of your check. Thank you!

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