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September 2014 Issue

Orphan’s Tear Fund

Special Issue: India Pictorial

Elisabeth Walker, Orphan's Tear Ministry

A Big Goal: One of the primary objectives of our Orphan’s Tear Fund is to empty every orphanage in the world—by placing orphans in loving Christian families where they belong. This photo of boys who previously lived together at an orphanage in Northern India reminds us that such a goal is possible. All of these boys are now living with families, a blessing made possible in part through small-business loans we’ve made to those families, which enable them to earn enough income to support an adopted orphan or two.

After her mother committed suicide, Navya was neglected for two years by her alcoholic father until discovered by a social worker. Thanks to an Orphan’s Tear child sponsor, Navya receives Christian nurture at Muneer Children’s Home where she lives.

Monthly sponsorship of orphans provides food, shelter, clothing, school fees and Christian nurture for precious Indian children. These girls enjoy an expensive annual treat…15 cent ice cream cones.

12-year-old Naaz Khatun’s mother died of complications while giving birth to her. Naaz’s father, an alcoholic who relied on his wife to provide the family’s income, sent Naaz and her older sister to Muneer Children’s Home. There Naaz experiences Jesus’ love, in part because of caring sponsors in New York and Sweden. Naaz aspires to be either a lawyer or a teacher.

Help provide Christian nurture to vulnerable orphans around the world


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