Orphan’s Tear saves you money?

13 Jan

Orphan’s Tear saves you money?

Boy to young man: the photo of Jacob on the left was taken in 2005, and the other was taken this past September.

Did you realize that Orphan’s Tear saves you money each year? Yes, by constantly looking for ways to improve our efficiency, we keep the cost of sponsorship down. Let me give you an example…

Each year we do our best to take an updated photo of your child. But instead of printing that photo and mailing it to you, we upload it to our website and then send you an email link for you to view it and download it to your computer. Multiplied by all the sponsored children, and that saves us over $600 every year!

So…how does that fact save you money?

By keeping our costs low and using funds given to our General Fund for much of our administration, we can keep sponsorship costs low. If we added those costs to your sponsorship, you’d have to pay more every month. We believe in using 100% of sponsorship funds as wisely as possible so that we can directly benefit the lives of orphans who need them.

By the way, if you’d like to give towards our already low-admin expenses, you can do so by clicking here.

Blessings (and savings!) to you!

Elisabeth Walker
Director of Orphan’s Tear

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