Orphan’s Tear Special Gifts at Work

19 Jun

Orphan’s Tear Special Gifts at Work


Hniang Sung Par, from Canaan Orphanage in Myanmar, is glad to have sponsors from New Mexico

Dear Friends,

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you on all of the good things being accomplished through the Orphan’s Tear Special Gifts Fund. A lot has been happening over the past few months! Let me give you a quick overview…


Before and after: Mephibosheth Orphanage got a makeover with a new paint job! Their building will now be protected from the elements and will last longer, thanks to gift to the Orphan’s Tear Special Gifts Fund. (Orphan’s Tear also provided funding for Mephibosheth’s kitchen, on the right.)


Becoming more self sufficient: Living Hope Orphanage, now with a coop full of chickens. They had funds to build the coop, but needed help to fill it with chickens. For just a few dollars per chicken, Orphan’s Tear U.K. helped Living Hope purchase 100 chickens. Now those chickens are laying eggs which help to provide extra income for the orphanage. It’s wonderful when an orphanage takes initiative to find methods to become more self-sufficient.


Construction is almost done: At left, Lakhu Orphanage, and at right, Life Orphanage, both in Myanmar. I’m sure the kids are excited to move into their new homes!


More construction almost done: At left: the nearly-completed building for the Mission to the Homeless Children in Tanzania. At right: Emmanuel Orphanage in Myanmar is in the middle of building a new dorm, both funded by means of gifts to the Orphan’s Tear Special Gifts Fund and the Dorms for Orphanages Fund.

Besides these things, over the past few months the Orphan’s Tear Special Gifts Fund has also provided:

• A tractor for Goshen Orphanage so that they can plow and harvest their rice field (a field provided last year by Orphan’s Tear).

• Oxen (2), a yoke, plow and cart for Jordan Orphanage so that they can plow and harvest their
rice field (a field provided last year by Orphan’s Tear).

• A new gate for Shalom Orphanage (whose building was funded by Orphan’s Tear).

• A tractor for Shalom Orphanage so that they can plow and harvest their rice field (a field provided last year by Orphan’s Tear).

• New toilets and a well for Mercy Children’s Home (whose building was funded by Orphan’s Tear).

• A compressor and motor for water supply, and zinc roof sheets for a kitchen at Life Concern Orphanage (whose building was funded by Orphan’s Tear).

• Mosquito nets for Anna’s Orphanage for the children to sleep under.

• New toilets for Life Orphanage (whose building was funded by Orphan’s Tear).

• Funds to start the construction of Jordan Orphanage’s new building.

• 10,000 fingerling fish so that Shalom Orphanage can raise them in the large pond they recently hand-excavated (on land provided by Orphan’s Tear) and then sell them for a profit.

• Significant help to several orphanages that are not yet supported on a monthly basis by Orphan’s Tear.

Thanks for making all these blessings possible.

More Orphans Coming to OrphansTear.org

If you’ve been on the Orphan’s Tear website lately, you may have noticed that we are running low on orphans! This is a good problem to have, as it means that a lot of children now have sponsors, and we can start accepting the orphanages on our waiting list. You can expect some new kids to be on the site soon!

Thank You

As always, thanks to everyone who sponsors a child, everyone who has contributed to the Special Gifts Fund or the Dorms for Orphanages Fund. And because 100% of every gift to Orphan’s Tear is sent overseas to benefit the orphans, thanks to everyone who has given to the general fund of Heaven’s Family, which makes possible the administration of Orphan’s Tear!

For the Children,

Director Orphan’s Tear Division


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