Orphans with Parents? [First Myanmar Blog]

30 Oct

Orphans with Parents? [First Myanmar Blog]

Laing and Lily Thang.

After arriving safely in Myanmar, one of our first stops was to Rhema Childcare Center in Yangon.

As I sat talking to the director, That Ci, two of the world’s cutest little girls entered the room. Laing and Lily Thang came to Rhema a few years ago because their parents were too poor to care for them. When the girls first arrived at Rhema, That Ci recalled, they were very thin and malnourished. At that time he asked Laing and Lily if they wished to return to their parents. The sisters emphatically shook their heads No.

I asked the girls if they missed their parents. Their answer was, “Yes…very much.” That Ci went on to explain to me that if their parents had enough food to eat they would want to return to their families. They just didn’t want to go hungry again. This confirmed to me once more that we need to help poor parents care for their own children.

Orphan’s Tear doesn’t want orphanages to be the default solution for desperate parents who can’t afford to feed their children. Children shouldn’t have to be separated from good parents because of poverty. That is why we are working alongside That Ci to find ways to improve the economic situations of the parents of Rhema’s children so that they can be reunited with their families.

Please pray that Laing and Lily can return to their parents very soon.

For the children,

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

Below are a few more photos of children from Rhema. If you like them, be sure to leave me a comment on the blog to encourage my husband, Jody, in his photography skills!

This little boy was found abandoned on a bus, so police officers brought him to Rhema, where they knew he’d be cared for

Rhema is raising a few goats to become more self-sufficient

A few more of the beautiful children living at Rhema

Laing was so beautiful, we couldn’t resist taking another photo of her


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  • Carolyn Van Ooteghem

    Lovely pictures! Jody must have had an excellent teacher! Thank you for sharing them with us. The pictures make all of us feel connected with God’s children throughout the world.

  • becky

    I had taken it for granted that those photos were Elisabeth’s work! You have proven that you too have a good eye for photography, Jody! Those are some great photos!

  • Tenney Singer

    Jody’s photos are fine…he has a good teacher!

  • Claire

    Very cute photos.. beautiful smiles!

  • Olga

    These pics are so cute!!!! Your husband’s skills at taking them is a true blessing to us who view them……This helps us to feel like we are there with you …
    As they say……a picture is worth a thousand words!!!!! And e so appreciate being able to share in your experience……God bless you and those children and their parents!!
    Praying together…
    In Jesus’ name! Olga

  • Bekah

    I LOVE this story – told beautifully.

    The pictures ARE great Jody! Somebody wanna bring me back a baby goat?

  • John Hartle

    Elizabeth, I too want to encourage Jody on the excellent photography. It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks to both of you for being our eyes, ears and hands. God Bless you. Keep blogging

  • Jody

    Thank you everyone for your kind words!

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